5 Best Python IDE’s 2022 for hassle-free coding experience

If you are a programmer specifically a python programmer and are confused about which Code Editor/ IDE you should use, then this article is for you. Now when you’re beginning to learn to code one of the biggest problems that people have is how can they create an environment for a hassle-free coding experience. An environment is where you will write, run, test, and debug your code.

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8 Best Development Boards for IoT to start Prototyping in 2022

there is a huge surge of connected devices all around the world. By the year 2025, the number of these smart IoT devices will be around 75.44 billion.
There is no single IoT board best for everything, it depends on your application. In general, we should check the following features before choosing any IoT development board

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IoT-Based Smart Energy Meter | D.I.Y Smart Energy Meter

This is the age of smart devices and IoT. Controlling any home appliances by sitting anywhere in the world is very easy but the monitoring of energy consumption is also very useful to save energy. Because every month we want to find some way to save energy for that energy monitoring is very necessary.

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